Sweden’s Royal French Regiment

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Professor Neil Kent and Captain Clement Chevalier spoke about a Swedish regiment that participated in France's greatest military campaigns during the reign of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. Régiment de Royal Suédois played a part during the American War of Independence, fighting alongside Lafayette and General George Washington until the victory at Yorktown. Count Axel von Fersen purchased the position of colonel-proprietor of the regiment in 1783, possibly in order to be able to stay close to the Queen of France Marie Antoinette. He later struggled in vain to save the King and Queen during the French Revolution, and the regiment was disbanded at the close of the 18th Century. The talk was the British launch of Professor Neil Kent and Captain Clément Chevalier's new book, which sheds new light on this influential military unit. The work examines the regiment's role in diplomatic and military relations between France and Sweden. This event was held at Buck's Club in Mayfair and was followed by drinks, canapés and members' first opportunity to meet in person since January 2020. Watch on YOUTUBE