Emma Mounsey

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Emma's current practise is exploring delicate hand built ceramic structures using hand rolled rods of paper clay to draw in space. The project has foundations in architectural structures, looking at supportive frameworks, the scaffolding that provides an armour to protect incomplete buildings, the bridges that span and connect divides whilst drawing our attention to their existence, hiding and revealing simultaneously. It is also about anxiety, a point where chaos and order meet, where fragility and resilience collide. The work is rooted in boundaries and barriers, the confines one defines for oneself. The most recent developments involve constructing each object out of 100 rods all 7cms long. The meditative, laborious and intuitive building process that follows creates noticeably different objects all stemming from same confines. There are strict barriers but they are not immediately obvious to the viewer. The pieces are at first random and perfect but on closer inspection there is strict method and the pieces are delicately warped by the slow and entirely handbuilt process of their creation. Through her residency at Konstfack Emma will further develop this body of work looking at introducing inclusions of new materials and new forms and partial physical constraints. She aims to develop the idea of interacting objects, the tension between these fragile structures and more solid objects surrounding or being surrounded. Emma will also explore the idea of different objects influencing each other whether that be influencing the confines places or physically impacting on the warp and flow of the piece. She will push the idea of the relationship between the enclosed and the exposed, the experience of space created by her sculptures.