Annual General Meeting

7th December 2021 (18:30 - 19:00)

The Rt. Hon. the Lord Beith (Alan Beith)

The Society’s President, Lord Beith, will chair the 2021 Annual General Meeting via Zoom.

1 Chairman’s opening remarks

2 Apologies for absence

3 Minutes of the 101st Annual General Meeting held on 6th November 2020

4 The Hon. Treasurer’s Report and the Annual Accounts for 2020

5 To vote for a one-off suspension of the Society’s Rule 6c, which stipulates that an Officer must have attended at least one Council meeting during their year in office in order to be eligible for re-election (as all meetings have been held via Zoom, some members have been unable to log in)

6 Election of Officers

(I) Chairman
(II) Vice-Chairman
(III) Hon. Treasurer
(IV) Hon. Secretary

7 Election of Council Members

8 Election of Independent Reviewer

9 Any other business

Please advise the Society by return mail if you wish to attend the Annual General Meeting and a Zoom link will be sent. to receive a link

Draft 2020 accounts are available