Anglo-Swedish Society Scholar 2015-2016

Jonas Grimås

Director, Writer, Producer

Jonas Grimås received support for the production of his book ‘THE FILM DIRECTOR PREPARES – Everything you need to know before you shout Action!!’


Jonas Grimås is a Swedish film and television director, based in London since 1988. He was educated at the Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm, and then the Royal College of Art in London.


In 1988 he won the BAFTA Film Award for best short film with Artisten. He was also nominated in 1995 for best short film with Marooned. In 2011 he was named “Cultural Personality of the Year” by the StockholmsKultur Foundation.


On the basis of the book being published, the Federation of European Film Directors ‘FERA’ has asked Jonas to collaborate with them on a pan-European educational programme.


The book – now fully financed – will be printed in March and ready for distribution in April.
158 copies pre-sold. Your copy can be ordered here: