Roisin O’Connor

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Roisin O'Connor is our 2024 arts scholar. Roisin took part in the exchange programme travelling from the Royal College of Art to Konstfack in spring 2024. Roisin says of her work: "I belong in wild places, to the remote green mossy fringes of existence. My work comes from encounters with the more-than-human and I delight in foraged spectacles of nature. When physically making at the wheel, I commune with my internal mycelium network and let the fungi, lichen, flora and fauna speak through me. I’m attempting to recreate that dopaminergic rush that is released when I make discoveries of enigmatic specimen; an abandoned nest, wasp gall, slime mould, bracket fungi, stalagmite, or Neolithic stone carving. Each work is imbricated with the essence and magic of these things and places. My ambition is to lean into instinct, letting my craft skills translate this message just like a spider or bird making a web or nest. I want to generate a sense of material phenomenon and metaphor through imaginative surface treatment."