Sweden and Great Britain

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Professor Wilhelm Engström has published "Sverige och Storbritannien 1919-2019" (in Swedish) telling the story of the relationship between Sweden and Great Britain through the perspective of the first hundred years of our sister society, the Swedish British Society in Stockholm. He has generously donated 50 copies of the book to be given to the first 50 members of the Anglo+Swedish Society to claim one. More details to follow! The book opens with a quote from Oliver Cromwell's ambassoador Sir Bulstrode Whitlocke: "I look upon them (the Swedes) as a Nation at a perfect Distance and Situation, to be the best Friends and Allies to us: They are neither so near, as to cause jealousies in us; nor yet so far off, but that they may give us timely Assistance.". With a couple of minor blips along the way, the friendship has lasted to the present day. This is a richly illustrated, thoroughly researched and well-written work. Read Lars Gyllenhaal's review